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Opioids Epidemic and crises

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Opioids Epidemic and crises

Police Leaders like you, across the US and Canada, are facing serious challenges with chemical and drug exposure to their personnel and to the community.  The ongoing growth of Fentanyl importation and distribution puts community members at risk, as well as Service members who may be exposed in their work place.  Many Services are wrestling with policies and procedures to mitigate the risk of officer exposure when hazardous materials like Fentanyl are identified.  The inability of front line officers to effectively scan a substance often means that labour intensive processes must be put into place to manage the scene and mitigate the risk, drawing down on valuable resources.

Teknoscan Systems has expanded the capability of its existing scanning system to include Fentanyl, and designed an easy, reliable and accurate scanning capability for front line police officers.

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U.S. GAO report: ‘DHS Progress and Challenges in Key Areas of Port Security’

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Ports, waterways, and vessels handle more than $700 billion in merchandise annually. An attack on this system could have a widespread impact on global trade and the economy. Within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), component agencies have responsibility for securing the maritime environment. The U.S. GAO report titled ‘DHS Progress and Challenges in Key Areas of Port Security’(July 21, 2010) discusses DHS and its component agencies’ progress, and challenges regarding port security. Of particular interest is the work to establish a program to scan U.S.-bound cargo containers.

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Why cargo container security is critical world wide

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On November 3, 2009 the Israeli Navy detained and boarded the “Francop” cargo ship at sea, 100 miles west of Israel. A search, conducted in accordance with international law protocols, found thirty six shipping containers with 500 tons of weaponry disguised as civilian cargo, hidden among hundreds of containers. After it became clear that the vessel carried weapons, the Israelis directed the vessel to dock at their Ashdod Naval base for a detailed cargo inspection. The ship’s captain agreed to the search, which was conducted without any force.

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TeknoScan Video

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TeknoScan Systems’ technologies detect and identify threat substances through the sampling and analysis of trace vapors and particles in air or on surfaces. Our advanced Rapid Trace Detection and Identification (RTDI) solutions identify compounds such as explosives, drugs and other target substances with state-of-the-art patent pending technologies.

We are pleased to present an overview of our technology.